Probably not a good idea to take advice from your dead sister.
~ Half-Life

I took in her dark eyes, framed by black liner, mascara and suspicion.
~ The Starter Boyfriend

I jumped away from Jared like I’d been splattered with hot oil, and turned toward my best friend, my eyes shock-wide.
~ Top Ten Uses For an Unworn Prom Dress

I was pretty sure the space station astronauts could track me in my pole dancer pink dress with their naked eyes...
~ The Starter Boyfriend

Butterfly Kisses:
When two people put their open eyes close together and flutter their eyelashes.
~ The ABC's of Kissing Boys

Tux stood there in that one bent knee forward, one arm angled pose, wearing his thirty-eight inch long, thirty-two inch inseam style 02116 tuxedo, with the notch lapel and “silver moon” vest and tie, which just so happened to make his blue eyes pop.
~The Starter Boyfriend

I stared into Dal’s eyes, which he called hazel, but were known to change with the light and his moods.
~ How to Hook a Hottie

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Mar 26
I thought I’d "go wide" (as my agent would say) with my “Rita Call” story here at YA Fresh because it’s a little bit funny and probably a very true glimpse into my ridiculous mind...
Jul 7

Many of our readers know that I'm a cat lady. I have two at the moment, know most of the cats in my neighborhood, have taken responsibility for strays, and I'm the go-to lady for vacation cat sitting.

So all that said, when I recently heard a story about 400 stray cats living at Disneyland, I was astonished! I make my home in southern California, and have been to Disneyland countless times and never seen a cat there. So I set out to find out if it was true!

Nov 8

Back in school, I loved perusing the Scholastic Book Club flyers. Each book sounded better than the next, and my biggest challenge was narrowing the list to fit my budget. One month I remember receiving a virtual tower of books, and my astonished teacher asking me if I was really going to read them all. (Yep...and the good ones I'd read again and again...)